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Since I started with my Korean skincare routine, I do shopping mostly on Cosmetic-love and I am very satisfied with their customer support and service. Cosmetic-love is a Korean cosmetic online store, which sells wide range of Korean cosmetic brands such as Cosrx, Missha, Huxley, Skinfood, Laneige, The Face Shop, Missha, Etude House, Skin79 etc.

First of all, the reason I chose Cosmetic-love is that they offer international shipping and they’re quite fast if you compare with other online stores. There are many other nice stores, but most of them do not accept payment except Paypal, so they’re not the best option for Turkish users.


Cosmetic love accept Paypal and Amazon pay. Paypal is not able to be used in Turkey due to government regulations. Another way to pay is Amazon pay, which is an application that you can get free account like Paypal and pay through your credit card.

Prices of Cosmetic-love is fair, not expensive. The delivery fee is calculated based on the weight of the products that you add the cart, However most products are still appropriate when compared with prices in Turkey. It makes more sense to shop in bulk on this site. By far I ordered many times, they all reached me Korean to Turkey on average in 10-15 days, with free sample. The packaging was also very good, none of my products were damaged in transit. You also win points as much as your order payments on the site, than you can pay your next orders with your earning points.


Now let’s talk about to the customs issue. In all my order coming from cosmetic love site I have not experienced any trouble in customs. This site write the prices on the package are slightly lower than the actual price. Customer Service is very concerned. I always get response immediately, when I send a e-mail to customer support.

In conclusion, I will continue to do shopping on Cosmetic-love. I am so satisfied with their service.


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2 comments on “ Store Review”
  1. Sema says:

    Merhaba cosmetic Love sitesinde sadece PayPal ile alışveriş yapılıyormuş siz nasıl yaptınız ?


    1. Merhabalar en haziranda alışveriş yapmıştım o zamanlar amazon pay ile ödeme yapmıştm. Galiba onu kaldırmışlar 😔


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